How to get the “All Allies Joined” trophy in Horizon Zero Dawn


In this article I am going to tell you how to get the “All Allies Joined” trophy in Horizon Zero Dawn. The description of the trophy says that -“Given Aloy’s actions all possible optional allies joined the defense“, which is not clear about how to unlock the trophy and get the platinum for this game. So let’s see how to unlock it.

NOTE:- If the trophy is missed then after completing the game you will again be spawned in the world before doing this quest. Then You can complete the quests given below and then again do the looming shadow quest and you will get the trophy.


You need to have a total of 14 allies (friends) 5 from main storyline (you don’t have to do anything special they will just be unlocked) and 9 from side quests and errands (which you need to complete before The looming shadow). The list of side quests and errands is given below. Also I have videos on my channel covering every quest listed here, so do check them out if you want to. Just click on the name of the quest you want to see.

After doing all of the above mentioned things, start the quest The Looming Shadow. After talking to blameless Marad, you will get options to either go to sleep or review the preparations for battle you have to do the second. We are first going to the Ridge, there you are going to find 9 NPCs named- Teb, Petra, Aluki, Nil (If you didn’t kill him), Nakoa, Janeva, Vanasha, Uthid, Elida they are all scattered around the place but are very close, so do the searching and you will find them immediately and Talk with them.

After completing the Ridge, we will go to the Spire, on the way there we will find Tallanah. On the Ridge we will find the remaining 4 NPCs named- Namman, Sona, Varl and Erend go and talk with them all. NOTEOn my first playthrough, I was unable to find Namman but if you are also not able to find him don’t worry. He is is sitting and praying behind Varl in front of a big Red Rock(he kind of blends with the color of the rock because of his dress)

After doing all of this and Talking to all NPCs, you can go and take a sleep while sleeping you should unlock the trophy if everything requirement is completed properly.

So That was My guide on How to Unlock the All Allies Joined Trophy in Horizon Zero Dawn. If you have any question or suggestion, you can leave it in the comment box below. Thank You.

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